You found the treasure Matth! Happy Birthday!

Hi Matth!

Happy Happy Birthday! Ben & Jess here from The Cornwall Camper Company – we’ve been chatting to some very special people who asked us to get involved in a big Birthday surprise for you!

Your beautiful family would like to give you the gift of five nights in our lovely camper, Genie the VW! She is a stunning, four-berth Bay-window vintage beauty who has been restored lovingly to take gorgeous people like you and your family on fun-filled holidays in Cornwall. This is exactly what you are going to be doing in May half-term 2015!

Your lovely wife has a special message for you: “To my gorgeous Matth. Couldn’t let this special Birthday pass by without organising something that you’ll never forget! Some of our most wonderful holidays have been in Cornwall and I hope this will be the most memorable of all. You’re simply wonderful, the centre of our world and I hope you have the most incredible 40th Birthday. Cannot wait until we pick up Genie the VW and have a new Brooks adventure – only 235 days to go! All my love, Sar xxx”

We’ve got a lovely message here for you – from two special (and excited!) mini people:

There are some extra goodies that have been organised from other people in the world of “Matth” – and these are from, Tim, Kirsty, Phoebe and Teddy! They’ve decided that to go on a VW adventure, that you need lots of yummy goodies to fill you up on your way and have gifted you a beautiful “camper hamper” choc-full of goodies sourced from around the Duchy. Yummmm – you know…. cream teas, fudge, Cornish biscuits, yarg… crackers… and some kind of beverage that will make you happy, alongside lots of other treats that we fill all the gaps with. Tim has a few words for you: “To the best big brother, brother in law and uncle anyone could want. You’ve always been there for me whenever I’ve needed you; you’re one of my best friends and we love you to bits. We hope you have an awesome birthday. All our love – Tim, Kirsty, Phoebe & Edward Xxx”

IMG_0363Your lovely friend Jen wanted “in on the action” too and has organised an exhilarating adventure for you in the form of a surfing lesson which she thinks you will absolutely LOVE! Jen says:

Happy 40th birthday Math! Have a wonderful time! We’re can’t wait to share in the maturing of your wit (surely?!) over many more fun nights out now you’re finally a proper grown up. With lots of love, Jen, Stu, Evie and Tom x x x

Ben and I (from The Cornwall Camper Company) wanted to say a few words too, but as we don’t actually know you… we thought we’d try a little poem:

There was a man called Matth, who does not have a ‘tash,
His family are a blast,
His friends are like god-sends,
We write these words with smiles on our faces, and rubbing our hands with mischievious glee,
We can’t wait to meet all of thee!
Genie, your camper awaits, with a grin on the grill and a wag of wipers.
May will soon be here, and you’ll be with your dears
Having the time of your life! 

Oh dear… that’s not the best poem in the world is it… in fact, it’s quite frankly terrible but we thought it might add an extra smile on a day full of smiles. Happy Birthday Matth! See you in May!

The Cornwall Camper Company