VW Campervan Wedding Hire in Cornwall – The Wedding

It’s been nearly a week since we had our first ever VW Campervan wedding hire in Cornwall. We are still floating down to land after such a massive high from being involved in such a special day.

From the moment in April 2012 when we got a call asking us if we could provide two vans for a VW Campervan Wedding Hire in Cornwall – it has been a white-knuckle ride making sure that both campervans, Lilly and Jessie were up to scratch and as perfect as they could be. For us, it’s all in the detail.

The day before the VW Campervan Wedding Hire in Cornwall a massively important realisation hit me. I realised that yes it was great for us, yes, we were incredibly excited and yes, the vans would look great but actually it was all about the responsibility. I wonder how many people who provide wedding hires realise the absolute importance of getting every single moment right – it’s not just one day in our lives we were working on- it was THE day in a couple’s life that would be remembered forever, one of the most important days of their lives. It became so important to me, it was all I could think about!

I realised that every single thing we did that day would be a vital part of their big day. From getting to the location on time and remembering all the tiny aspects that make a VW Campervan wedding hire outstanding. From the brollies (in case it rained) to the sparkle on the champagne glasses (that we offer to every married couple) down to the funky and fun “Just Married” sign and the cans with their trademark rattle hanging off the back bumper.

In hindsight, it was the tiny things that created the moments on their day – I ended up helping the Mother-of-the-Bride get her earing’s in as the studs were so fiddly, I had to pop back to their home to pick up a gift that had been forgotten, the day before I had searched out the perfect spot for their wedding photos. The whole event was so much more than just rocking up with two vans and big smiles.

The day arrived with bright sunshine and picturesque clouds chasing each other across the sky – I got lucky when I ordered the weather! Wendy the Bride and her Bridesmaid Jane were looking beautiful and I could not help but feel a tinge of pride as I helped them into Lilly the Camper. Ben was off tootling along in Jessie the Camper to pick up George the Groom and his friends and we positively glowed as we drove to the location with people waving at us and other drivers smiling and letting us pass. It was a day of real goodwill – it’s amazing how lovely people on the roads are when you have wedding ribbons on the vans!

After their ceremony we waited with chilled Champagne and Jessie the Camper filled with balloons and ribbons to welcome the newly married couple. After a short photo session we set off to the next location for more photos, more Champagne and general happy happenings. Lilly the Camper spent some time ferrying people from one location to another as it was important to Wendy and George that their guests also got to experience the Vintage VW Camper journeys – and we were more than happy to do whatever they wished!

We felt quite sad as the last guest trotted off to the reception and their awaiting lunch at The Pierhouse in Charlestown. We did not want our part in the day to end as it had all been so fantastic. I certainly did not want to take the ribbons off the vans!

The day after Wendy got in touch to say thank you and tell us just how pleased she was with everything we had done on the day, she said: “Just wanted to say thank you so much to both you and Ben for the wonderful service you guys gave. The wedding was not without its ‘moments’ in fact the only thing that ran smoothly in the whole thing was the hire of the camper vans. You did an amazing job from the decorations to the champagne. Nothing was too much trouble. Hopefully this will be the start of many bookings for wedding hire. Thank you once again Wendy and George”.

And that my friends – are the words we could only have dreamed of. Once again – thank you to everyone for their support and advice over the last six months – without all of your comments, likes and fantastic good wishes we would never have gotten this far – and the biggest thanks to Wendy and George for letting The Cornwall Camper Company be a part of their special day.

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