VW Campervan gifts from The Cornwall Camper Company

You all know that “dub love” is a fab hobby and that people have always enjoyed the little knickknacks that come with being a fan of all things VW.

We decided that while we wait for the VW Campervan hire in Cornwall 2013 season to kick off we would help you out with your Christmas shopping by getting together a little list of all things funky from the VW world.

First up comes the next best thing to renting a VW Camper – it’s a VW Campervan tent! It may be a tad pricey – but for those of you with cash to burn, it makes a very fun gift. If we got one of these, we would just have to set it up on Christmas Day in the lounge and drink mulled wine while sat in it! You can get your hands on one here.

We have to admit that we pretty much have VW Campers on our minds all the time, and while we love the out-door parts of our job, we can’t get away from a little “office-time” now and again. To keep us cheery and VW focused; this cute little VW Memory Stick is a funky fab stocking filler! You can find them at the rather lovely Wub Dubs site.

We love a good snuggly blanket – perfect for chilly mornings supping coffee or windswept evening’s glugging good old Cornish cider! We also believe that blankets have a “love” factor, you have favourites, you use them all the time… they have so many purposes… and what better than a VW Campervan blanket – or as we like to call then v’lankets! “Have you got the v’lankets for the van love?” Well we do – and we desperately wanted to share them with you! Check out these beauties from the gorgeous Cornish Beach Boutique.

So you already know VW Campers are cool – and if you are anything like us you will love an infusion of innovative, stylish and funky VW “thingies” in your home, teenagers have a penchant for very retro styles too and this VW Camper wall sticker is just way too cool for school. In fact, we want one, we really really want one! Check it out at Rockett St George.

Over at I Love Vee Dub they are really thinking about us hardy all-weather campers and are selling the gorgeous hand warmers – in the shape of VW Campervans! What we love about these is that you can take them when you go skiing, play golf, after a chilly winter surf… ahhh, warm hands (plus they have extra kudos because you can use them again and again!!)

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