The Cornwall Camper Company “does” Weddings

We do believe this photo makes us the coolest wedding hire company around...

We do believe this photo makes us the coolest wedding hire company around…

By Jessica Ratty (wild word creator and MD of The Cornwall Camper Company).

We thought we could write a long spiel with some photos of some gorgeous Brides in front of our campers, with their lovely bridesmaids… but then we thought again, and decided to show you a photo that shows our approach to weddings in Cornwall. (Which we lovingly attached for you to OMG at.) Just in case you were wondering what we actually do when we are not driving happy Brides and Groom’s around… just for the record…

What do we offer as a wedding transport hire company?

  • Happy chilled out planning and view sessions

Fully insured license and “happy camper” driver

Winners in the “arrive early and be on time stakes”

Champers and a pretty card to say congrats

Pick ups and drop offs for Brides and bridesmaids

Ferrying of guests if needed between locations

Hunting down the best photo locations near venues (could be a cool field with a view, or could be on a stunning beach with a sunset)

A relaxed attitude to timekeeping on the day – (duh! It’s all about the Bride and Groom!)

Do let us know if you would like to find out more, or you just want to call us for a chat – we would love to hear from you!

Over and out… Jess Ratty – The Cornwall Camper Company