Scilly Isles for the day – what a treat!

If you are looking for something a little bit different to do on your holiday why not go for a day trip to Scilly.

We thought we would test it out and tell you all about it. The Scillonian sails at 9.15am and takes about 2.45 hours. No cars allowed on the ferry but there are carparks really close by the quay or there is street parking further away. It is worth getting there early to find yourself a good seat on deck. It is a flat bottomed boat so it can get pretty rocky but we were very lucky and probably had the calmest day possible!

The crossing itself was such an adventure for us all. The children were happy playing card games and going down to the bottom deck where they went for a snooze. We all loved it on deck feeling the wind in our hair and keeping an eye out for the splash of a dolphin. On the way home we spotted a couple of pods dancing in the waves which was the perfect end to our very special day.

We arrived at St Mary’s at just after 12 and headed to Town Beach which is a lovely beach very close to the town itself. You only have about 4 hours until the Scillonian leaves again for Penzance so don’t stray too far! The day is short and sweet but it’s a great way to get a taster of what these beautiful Islands have to offer. There are a few beautiful little gift shops selling local crafts and lots of places to eat on St Marys. One of our favourites is Juliets Garden which has the most scrummy food and spectacular views.

The Islands are like our own version of the Caribbean. White sand, turquoise sea and a laid back feel. Swimming, Kayaking and paddle boarding where what we got up to but there is so much on offer. The islands are so tropical with an abundance of colourful flowers and wildlife.

Why not try your own day trip or how about tagging a mini break to the Scillys onto a holiday in Betty. Now that would be an adventure you wouldn’t forget!