Introducing Betty

Have you ever stayed in a VW camper? I can guarantee a trip with me is a very special experience. I’m a 2010 modern classic – I look and drive like a traditional VW van with the comfort and reliability of a modern one (I do my best!)

I don’t think you can match the feeling of driving off knowing that you are in your home for the next few days. I can take you wherever you want to go, creating your own amazing adventure. I can honestly say I haven’t experienced any 2 trips that are even remotely similar.

I try my best to be comfortable and I’m pretty easy to drive. I can safely seat 4 people, have power steering and enjoy a slow and stead pace enjoying all the countryside views.

Once you arrive at your chosen campsite setting up camp is fun and easy. Park up, hook up, roof up, awning up, seats out, kettle on and enjoy! I have a full user guide on board so no need to worry.

The most important thing to remember is please don’t force anything. If it isn’t moving then there is probably something not quite right. Just try again, slightly differently. I hope to have everything onboard that you will need. The best plan is hunt around in my many cupboards, familiarise yourself and enjoy how amazing it is to have everything in such a small space. It may take you a while to get use to my quirks and find things but I’m pretty sure everything should be there. If not my family are always happy to add to the inventory for future guests.

Opening the rock and roll bed and bunk is easy, all the necessary bedding is provided and the experience of a cosy and comfy nights sleep leaves you refreshed for your adventures. My favourite time is at night when you are out experiencing all the sounds nature has to offer. There is nothing quite like thundering of crashing waves, the hoot of nearby owls or the patter of rain whilst cosying up in bed.

Mornings bring another bit of magic, lying in bed you can open the curtains and see the beauty of wherever you are, pop on the kettle and breakfast is all within reaching distance – just got to love it!

Whether you have a sunny day and can enjoy outdoor activities or its wet and wild and you want to cosy up with a book enjoying the view you will be making the most amazing memories.

You can also hire an awning to help with storage or just put everything at the back and that’s it, off you go. I’ll be with you offering cups of tea, a way to cook lunch, or even a the opportunity for a sneaky siesta.

I love meeting people and I’m lucky as people love to come over and have a chat. I’m always up for a photo so I can remember where I’ve been.

Wherever you go and whatever you do I will do my best to give you a comfy base and I look forward to having a fun adventure with you.