Happy 40th Birthdays Jo and Ian!

So, Jo and Ian, remember the day recently when we set off on some new fangled wheeled beasts of machines together? We donned fetching high vis vests as we tore up Upton country park leaving mere mortals in our wake, forging new paths through the forests! Oh yeah, and Ian did his odd little dance while Dad slapped Matt in the face…..

Segway group

Well that was Dad’s dream, not to slap Matt round the face, but to see us all hurtling round on segways and having a good time together……..so what is this all about we hear you ask yourselves………well Ian had a dream once……

ian dreaming of campervan



And to help celebrate your 40th birthdays we thought we’d bring part of that dream to life, while ingeniously combining it with one of your favourite places that you’ve explored together…..

Mum, Dad, Matt & Hannah have teamed up to give you guys a birthday present that we hope you’ll love!  You have a 3 night stay with licence to roam wherever you want in your very own VW camper van, all you need to do is get yourselves down to Cornwall (anytime from Oct ’15 – Apr ’16, availability permitting of course), where you’ll be greeted by the lovely Jess & Ben to hand over the keys, and then it’s off you go on your next Cornish adventure!!!

Jo & ian hol


   So will it be sun hats, sun lotion and Jo going for the traditional last day burn….




Jo and ian rainwear




Or more like rain jackets and Luton Town scarves at the ready…..





But whatever the weather, we hope you have the best time ever in celebrating your birthdays in a truly memorable way!

wedding group

Happy 40th birthdays, have an amazing time!!
With loads of love, hugs and manly pats on the back
Mum, Dad, Matt & Hannah xxxx