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We thought we would tickle your imaginations and let you know about just a tiny slice of the delicious places you can visit when you hire a VW Camper from The Cornwall Camper Company! ~

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This sea salt, charming, cobbled, mismatched jigsaw town beckons tourists down with one gesture of her sea-weathered finger. It’s the place to go if you fancy an escape from the real world. This town boasts some of the most exquisite food in the UK, so come to Padstow with an empty stomach and full purse and you certainly won’t be disappointed.Padstow is a multi-layered destination. You may find a refined town with revered dining rooms including Michellin starred Paul Ainsworth’s Number 6 restaurant and Rick Stein’s many eateries. You may fall in love with the jewellery shops dripping with pearls and reclaimed glass, the art galleries and the clothes shops. And you may feel right at home with Padstow’s sophisticated clientele who pick Pastow to escape the hectic city life. But scratch the surface and you’ll find a true Cornish town with fiercely loyal residents, charming rustic buildings and a thriving fishing port that has no airs or graces as fresh fish is hauled out of the harbour ready for the nearby dining tables.

On the other side of the estuary lies Rock, Padstow’s polite cousin. Chug over there in the water taxi (it only takes seven minutes) to explore the cutest church you’ve ever seen – St Enodoc’s church, where John Betjeman is buried. And as Rock is also regarded as one of the best places to eat, it would be rude not to have a meal here too. How about Nathan Outlaw’s illustrious Michellin starred Seafood and Grill?


Take a The Cornwall Camper Company campervan to Newquay, and listen to her purr with delight! This is the surf motherland, a campervans’ heaven. These classic buses and the ocean fit hand in hand like scones and clotted cream. Famous for pumping surfing beaches and crazy nightlife, this Newquay offers entertainment regardless of the weather, season or time of day. With a choice of countless beaches with some of the best surf in the UK, this is the Mecca for surfers.

There are many academies offering surf lessons, bodyboards, paddleboarding, coasteering – in fact any way they can get you losing your inhibitions, squealing like a child in the ocean – they’ll do it. If you don’t fancy lessons, hire out a board for the day – there’s plenty of choice. There’s plenty to do in Newquay without a board, including visiting the aquarium, superb walks and a thriving shopping scene.

Don’t forget The Cornwall Camper Company works closely with the Sam Lamiroy Surf Academy to provide world-class surf lessons from one of the UK’s surf gurus!

St Ives
With colourful buildings perched on the edge of the beach with the expansive blue sea stretched out in front of this quaint town, it’s no wonder it’s one of the UK’s leading towns for art.St Ives has attracted and inspired artists for decades, as the town itself looks like it’s painted on a canvas. It’s a treasure trove of interesting shops, from Cornish jewellery to artisan food shops – bread, chocolate and cheese.

St Ives is the place to pick up unusual gifts for family and friends (and something for yourself of course). But the real magic appears when you head out of the town. Take the B3306 to St Just and Zennor and you’ll find one of the best roads to drive along in Cornwall. Meandering roads winding around the undulating coastline, with spectacular views out to sea. With the right music playing, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

You’ll feel like you’re in a car advert as you cruise along in your campervan – no rain could dampen your spirits. There are great places to stop along this road, and we can really recommend getting out and climbing up one of the large peaks. Once you get to the very top you’ll have almost 360 sea views and feel like you’re on top of the world

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Rame, Freathy, Whitsand
If you’re looking for the best stretch of unspoilt coastline, a view that will take your breath away, and a fun drive in your campervan, then this is exactly where you want to head. Put some tunes on and gently cruise through Freathy and Whitsand for a memorable day out.

It’s a fun bit of road on top of a cliff that overlooks long beaches down below. You could park up here and venture down, after all there’s cracking surf here and a few good cafés scattered down below too. But we like to follow the road along to Rame and spend the day there. If you want action, nice shops and restaurants – this ‘aint the place. But Rame is the most beautiful rugged peninsula you’ve ever seen and you could easily spend the day here and not be remotely in need of entertainment.

The land juts out and looks most unusual here so you feel like you’re in Harry Potter’s world more than on the Cornish South Coast. There’s a curious tiny stone chapel perched on the end of the peninsula that if you listen carefully still whispers secrets from a forgotten age. And lying out infront of this chapel are canons. Fascinatingly, this is where the Spanish Armada was spotted!

The grassy verge provides the perfect place to contemplate what it would’ve been like to witness such a sight, as you take in near 360 panoramic views.

WARNING: The Cornwall Camper Company cannot be held responsible for any time you lose at this point.

The estuary wiggles and winds along the Cornish south coast until it comes to Fowey. Pronounced ‘foy’, this is a sailing town, lively with both holiday makers and local residents alike. There’s plenty to do and see in Fowey including walking routes, fishing trips, boating tours, canoeing, cycling, golf and horse activities. And there’s plenty to do if you’re on a budget here too. There are beautiful gardens overlooking the estuary that are open to the public. Or you could stroll along the coast to St Catherine’s Castle – a fascinating fort built to protect the town. It’s free to visit and well worth exploring.

The Eden Project

Situated in the crease of the dramatic North Cornwall coast next door to Arthurian Tintagel, Boscastle is a must-see place to visit in Cornwall.
With postcard beauty and curious otherworldly charm, a trip to Bostcastle is like going back in time a few decades. It’s a town shrouded in mystery, having being a port historically used for piracy, smuggling and wrecking. It also has strong folklore roots and boasts the UK’s largest witchcraft museum. Hardly surprising that locals say Boscastle is twinned with Narnia!Along the way into this village, you’ll want to take photographs of the funny mix of ice-cream coloured cottages with drunken roof-tops and tiny front doors that makes you think, ‘well you couldn’t live there if you wanted to play the piano.’ Find out more about the place that inspired Thomas Hardy to write ‘A Pair of Blue Eyes’.

There’s lots to do and see here including sensational cliff walks, discover the National Trust’s many unusual properties, explore Botreaux Castle’s ruins (the village’s namesake), have a look in the witchcraft museum, or learn about the many holy wells in this village.

JESS FROM THE CORNWALL CAMPER COMPANY’S TIP – ‘For a great day out in your campervan, follow the rugged coastline along to Boscastle and park in the village car park. Walk through the village and take the coastal path just past the National Trust shop – you could always pop into the witchcraft museum on the way! This road will take you up one side of the cliff and give you terrific views of this old harbour used for bringing in the Cornish pilchards. On your way back, enjoy an authentic Cornish cream tea – you’ve deserved it! Now, once you’ve finished exploring all the many interesting shops in Boscastle, venture along to Arthurian Tintagel next door.’

You’ll love cruising down the free coastal roads in either Lilly or Jessie The Cornwall Camper Company campervans before you stumble upon this little treasure of a town tucked away in South Cornwall.
It’s a small place with higgledy-piggledy cottages with flowers spilling from their window boxes and the smell of sea salt lingering in the air; it’s a place as Cornish as pasties. With dozens of tearooms boasting homemade cakes to tempt and tease you, you had better walk by them quickly with your eyes closed and take a little stroll along the coast first. Luckily, Mevagissey is very good at coast walks. You don’t need us to tell you where to go, just follow your feet and you can’t go wrong. Take deep breaths to absorb all that lovely sea air – a tonic for your lungs.The views are so beautiful along the coastline in all the little crevasses of the South Coast, don’t forget to bring a camera and snap away as you go. By the time you get back to the village, you’ll be so smug from your refreshing sea-side walk, that one slice of cake wouldn’t go amiss.