Introducing... Lilly

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  • Lilly the VW Campervan for hire in Cornwall
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  • Chilling out in Lilly the VW Campervan
  • Driving and thriving in Lilly the VW Campervan
Lilly is our first camper and is quite possibly our favourite as she has been named after our first-born! Jess Ratty

**This camper is no longer with us – please see BETTY for our current wagon**

Meet Lilly – our first VW campervan for hire in Cornwall and also the one we are most proud of. She is a 1973 Bay Window pop top with an 1800cc engine. We found her in a field and fell in love with the forlorn shell of what was clearly once a beautiful vintage. We promised the owners that we would do everything we could to restore the van and get her back on the roads of Cornwall where she belongs. In June of 2012 we fulfilled that promise – and here she is today ready to bring joy and happy holidays to locals and tourists alike.

Lilly the campervan is a cheeky and happy VW with a love of adventure holidays including surfing, coasteering, climbing and kayaking! She can take you on a lifestyle, not just a journey. Pick Lilly to hire and you become a surfer, drive around in her and you can taste the freedom of salty holidays and windswept adventures.

One of the benefits of hiring with us is that your surfing, coasteering and adventure activities can all be booked at the same time, and if you want all the stress of booking taken out of the equation we can even book your camp sites too.

Lilly is up for hire at any time of the year – and if you are brave enough to sample the Cornish ocean in January then we are happy to take you on a surf lesson!

We need to let you know though, driving an old VW like Lilly is a pretty awesome experience, but it is certainly different from driving a modern car! The wonderful Ben gives a great driving lesson when you come to pick up the camper but it may take a little while to get used to how the gears work and where the handbrake is!

Check out Lilly’s luggage and if there is anything we have forgotten make sure to let us know and we can make sure it’s waiting for you when you pick up the campervan.

2 hob stove with sink and running water
Three-way fridge (it’s a silent one too – no annoying humming!)
240 hook-up with a 30m extension cable
2 x 240 plug sockets
CD player to rock out old-school style to your fav tunes πŸ™‚
2 camping chairs for hanging out in the sunshine.
Free bottle of gas – because we are so nice.
Four knives, four forks, four spoons, four glasses, four mugs, four plates, four bowls. All four you – get it?
1 family set of plastic cutlery and crockery for chilling outside with your BBQ – proper Cornish style.
2 saucepans
1 frying pan
Can and bottle opener (an absolute must-have while camping!)
Potato peeler
Whisk (ohh-err!)
Cheese grater (We decided it was very important after not having one on a surf trip once!)
Masher (for mash!)
2 pillows
Sleeping bags or Duvet
Bed sheet

So now you know how great Lilly the VW Campervan is – you want to know how much it costs to hire her out! Check out our VW Campervan hire prices here.