The people behind the business – meet Ben and Jess

The team at The Cornwall Camper Company HQ is not comprised solely of campers – there are humans hard at work behind the scenes too.

Ben and I dreamt up The Cornwall Camper Company in 2011 and have been hard at work making the ambition a reality ever since. We thought you might like to discover a little about the people behind the business.   

Ben Ford

Ben is the magic behind the campers – without him, there would be no VW Campers for hire in Cornwall. (Our ones anyway.) It was Ben that said he had always wanted to run his own company and Ben who made it happen.

Ben moved down to Cornwall ten years ago and became a water-man teaching every sea-based sport you can think of – he also completed a degree in business management and spent his spare time out on the town in Newquay having a great time with the boys.

Ben loves surfing, cooking, spending time with his baby girl Lilly (who our first camper is named after!), playing the decks, and playing golf.  But lets be real here – he rarely has time to do any of those things as he usually has his head in an engine bay!

If you were going to cook Ben some food then it would have to be a Cornish steak with some garlic prawns and all the trimmings. Food is important to Ben so if we are going to be completely honest here – he would have to cook his own steak because he is such a perfectionist! (Can you tell from the campers?).

Ben is kind, hardworking and really funny – he has self-taught himself everything to do with camper renovations, back in the day he used to prance around the living room perfecting his spraying technique after watching videos on You Tube!

I (Jess) am so very proud of him for everything he has achieved, when I say that this business would be nothing without him I absolutely mean it. It’s Ben’s drive, dedication and 100% commitment that has given me a business to run and promote and I feel like the luckiest person in the world to be his life partner as well as his business partner.

Jess Ratty

It’s difficult to write about yourself but here goes! I started my career in Communications at the Eden Project and spent ten years of my life learning my trade surrounded by fantastic friends. I moved away to broaden my horizons and landed a role at the fantastic charity, The Cornwall Blind Association.

After cutting my teeth on my first management role I then got offered a job at one of the UK’s biggest production companies, Twofour – it was an absolutely brilliant place to work and I loved every second.

Lilly (the baby) came along and I decided to look for work back in Cornwall to be closer to the babe. I took three months maternity leave and fully set up the business aspect of The Cornwall Camper Company. Shortly after that I was headhunted for a role with KEO Digital and took up residence as their Communications Manager – working with the team behind River Cottage, Fish Fight, Landshare, energyshare and Crowdfunder. I absolutely LOVE my day job.

In the evenings I run The Cornwall Camper Company and it’s my passion – I wake up each morning looking forward to whatever is next on my list.

Things I love – pretty much everything to be honest. I am a really positive happy and upbeat person, I would much rather find a solution than be a part of the problem.

Skiing and surfing are my hobbies although I love craft making, cooking (whenever Ben lets me near the kitchen) and spending time with my Lilly and my niece Genie.

Welcome to us! We work so hard to make sure our business is successful and all of our customers have an absolutely brilliant time. Everything we do is focussed on our customers!

If you ever fancy a chat about booking a VW Camper in Cornwall – or just want to find out a bit more of what we do then feel free to pop us an email at

Very best wishes

Jess and Ben

The Cornwall Camper Company