The Cornwall Camper Company’s day out with Visit Newquay

We were delighted to accept the offer to attend the Visit Newquay Tourism Summit at the Lighthouse Cinema – and we proudly parked Lilly the Camper outside for visitors and other tourism providers to grab an eye-full of what we have on offer on a bitterly cold January day in the bustling hive of Newquay.

I was reminded just how important these networking meetings are, pressing the flesh with new contacts, building relationships – and in some cases, just chewing the fat and chatting shop with the people we already speak with weekly. For example, the wonderful Geoff from Cornish Classics! How can you not want to work with a guy whose tagline for his business is “Miles of Smiles”? In fact – we are rather jealous he has coined that phrase!

We chatted about the types of visitors that come to Newquay, what sort of audience they are, how that effects us (the business providers), and also what we can do to make sure that we are incredibly attractive – like honey to Winny the Poo – to our future customers.

We were also invited to a sterling presentation from Newquay Airport – it’s so important to discuss the flights in and out of our county airport, we need to know who is heading our way and equally – where they are going when they are flying out.

You know what? There was such a huge amount going on I just can’t write it all down! But I can tell you that Newquay has so much going for it. Newquay is a destination to be reckoned with and the team players in the businesses on the ground are individual forces of nature.

Some say we live in hard times but I can see no reason whatsoever to not be positive about our future. So long as we keep talking to each other, keep creating those important links, and working out the kinks, then we have some very bright seasons stretching out in front of us!

Massive “VW Campervan shaped” thanks go to Steve Kessell from VisitNewquay, his team and also the chaps and chapettes over at Newquay Bid because they are all working so hard to give us a platform from which to sell our wares. Go Newquay! Let 2013 begin!

The Cornwall Camper Company

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