The Cornwall Camper Company Review

This year is shaping up beautifully for us here at The Cornwall Camper Company – we are working hard, but we are loving every second of it.

In particular, the reviews we are getting are keeping us smiling through thick and thin and as a couple in their first year of business with a little baby coming along for the ride too, it’s been a tough, but incredibly rewarding ride.

This is our latest review, have a look, let us know what you think – share if you can on your social networks, as you might know, each time a person shares a post it gets hundreds of views.

We appreciate each and every ounce of support we get – thank you for being our customers, our supporters and our fans. We would not be here today if it was not for you.

Thank you. (Now read the review!)

Trish – who booked Lilly the VW Camper as a gift for her friends who got married in the Spring of 2013 said:

“If you are considering booking a camper van holiday in Cornwall I cannot think of another company who would bend over backwards as much as Jess and Ben at The Cornwall Camper Company!

I decided to book a short break for friends as a wedding present, and apart from being so enthusiastic about it Jess and Ben were so thoughtful paying so much attention to every detail, even down to placing a framed photo of the happy couple in the camper van – how sweet is that !

The hamper that was arranged for the duration of their stay was filled with gorgeous local goodies and was enjoyed thoroughly – it even came in a lovely basket (funnily enough that was donated to me !).

Although the weather wasn’t very warm the honeymooners were warm and cosy each night. My friends had a brilliant few days in Lilly the VW Camper which was definitely made all the better by Jess and Ben.

I wish The Cornwall Camper Van Company all the success it deserves.”