The Cornwall Camper Company Environmental Ethos

Just how does a small Cornish business keep to their environmental and green aspirations? The Cornwall Camper Company tells you how they are keeping it real!

Putting old VW Campers on the roads of Cornwall may not seem like the most environmentally friendly business in the world – but believe us when we say that we think about our impact on our world and also how we can be as green and clean as possible every day.

Firstly – our campers are all renovated from wreckage. If we did not take on our projects then there would be at least three camper vans sat taking up space and rotting in a landfill tip. Instead, we dust ourselves off and throw every skill we have at putting these vans back on the road using every recycled VW part we can get our hands on. If it can be used, it is renovated and put on the camper.

Ben was a mechanic in his younger years but everything else to do with the renovation is self taught – and that includes refabricating the oddest little parts to make them good again and placed on the vans. His talent is outstanding.

Secondly, aside from what we get sent in the post and our yearly diary – we are completely paperless! We have never needed to print stuff off and our leaflets that we occasionally get made are all sustainably sourced and printed with good friendly ink – it’s a good feeling.

We also source all our camper hampers locally – using Cornish suppliers and building relationships and friends along the way. If we are out and about to get one item we will make sure we use the journey to pick up other bits and bobs we need on route. We don’t do plastic packaging either so if you get a hamper with tuppawear in it – that will be why!

There are lots of other little things we are thinking of doing and solar panels on the roofs of the campers in just the start. Watch this space for more clean and green camper news.

Living the dream at The Cornwall Camper Company!

Jess and Ben