Five things The Cornwall Camper Company loves about VW Wedding Hire in Cornwall

Our top reasons why we love providing VW Campers for Weddings in Cornwall

1, Polishing the campers in the beautiful Cornish sunshine – getting them gleaming for our lovely customers! We love a shining VW Camper for a wedding!

2, Being the first tangible part of a wedding day – when our Brides see us pull into their road their faces light up and it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

3, Planning all the details for the big day – it’s so fun thinking up all the little bits that might add to a wedding or make it even more special in our own little way. Our charms for the wine glasses with little VW Campers on them are our favourites!

4, Meeting people! Along our Camper journey we have been lucky enough to provide campers for some wonderful families starting out on their own new journeys. We have been welcomed into homes, provided with coffee, invited to parties, made great friends and enjoyed every second of being a part of special days all over Cornwall. We even had to help a Mother of the Bride put her earrings in once!

5, Mostly we love being a part of a couple’s big day and making sure our part is as special, beautiful, prompt and efficient as possible. We know that Brides want to get to the wedding on time, that the Grooms are waiting, the Bridesmaids are giggling and excited, and we are there. Calm, collected, eager to please and ready to lend a helping hand whatever the need.

Weddings are so important to us – not because it’s our business but because we are human beings stepping into the world of the couple getting married and we want those footsteps to be light, surefooted, compassionate and fun. We do love a wedding!