Introducing... Genie

  • Genie the VW Camper
    Genie the VW Camper – in all her glory…
  • Inside Genie the VW Camper
    Inside Genie the VW Camper
  • On the road again... with Genie the VW Camper
    On the road again… with Genie the VW Camper
  • Genie the VW Camper
    Drinks for two? (or three, or four… or six…)
  • Pop art? Pop top with Genie the VW Camper
    Pop art? Pop top! Genie the VW with her top up!
  • Drivetime with Genie the VW
    Drivetime with Genie
  • Genie makes a brilliant cuppa
    A cup of tea with Genie the VW
  • Genie the VW Camper - Bed Time
    Bed-time with Genie the VW Camper
  • Genie
    Genie – The Cornwall Camper Company
  • Genie - modelled by Lilly!
    Genie the VW
Genie brings a smile to the face of every person she meets! Jess Ratty

The Cornwall Camper Company’s latest edition, Genie the VW Camper, is sunshine on wheels and an absolute joy to feast your eyes on.

Genie the VW was a rotted out old beast, looking haggard, unloved and needy. We have renovated her into a confident, startlingly beautiful road hugging camper.

She is a 1975 panel van conversion with an original viking pop top and a 1600 engine.

Genie is already clocking up memories, and the first booking resulted in an engagement! We can’t imagine a better way to start her life with The Cornwall Camper Company.

Genie is not the shy and retiring type, she turns heads, left, right and centre, and we have one condition if you book her. You have to wave at everybody who waves at you!

We need to let you know though, driving an old VW like Genie is a pretty awesome experience, but it is certainly different from driving a modern car! The wonderful Ben gives a great driving lesson when you come to pick up the camper but it may take a little while to get used to how the gears work and where the handbrake is!

Find out below about Genie’s “excess baggage” and if there is anything we have missed off that would make your holiday with her perfect, then just ask. We – and she, aim to please.

Masher (for mash!)

2 hob stove with sink and running water
Three-way fridge (it’s a silent one too – no annoying humming!)
240 hook-up with a 30m extension cable
2 x 240 plug sockets
USB connector for plugging in your iTunes  - get yourself a chilled out playlist ready for your adventure :)
2 camping chairs for hanging out in the sunshine.
Free bottle of gas – because we are so nice.
Four knives, four forks, four spoons, four glasses, four mugs, four plates, four bowls. All four you – get it? (But more if your party is bigger of course…)
1 family set of plastic cutlery and crockery for chilling outside with your BBQ – proper Cornish style.
2 saucepans
1 frying pan
Can and bottle opener (what on earth would you do without one?)
Potato peeler
Whisk (ohh-err!)
Cheese grater (We decided it was very important after not having one on a surf trip once!)
2 pillows
Sleeping bags/Duvet (whichever you prefer)
Bed sheet

Call us or email for prices and any special little treats we can arrange.